About Us

Jim Hoffman and Ben Walley began the operations of Classic Die Services, Inc. in July of 1998. We have grown steadily over the years and fully welcome any opportunity to continue that upward trend. Our experience and knowledge spans more than 50 years with hands on experience in wire drawing and wire die manufacturing. We have always had a passion for wire drawing and continue to enjoy making dies for the industry, an enjoyment which continues to accelerate with the ongoing growth of Classic Die.

We currently have three operating shifts which allow us the flexibility to accommodate all of your wire drawing die needs. Order turnaround times are often as soon as the next day, but will vary depending on order size, product type, and individual customer requirements. All orders are processed and completed in the least amount of time possible while still ensuring full quality and customer satisfaction.

Our track record with our clients is impeccable, and we have no doubt that, by doing business with us, you'll find out why. At Classic we understand the factors which might make it difficult to begin transactions with a new vendor. Our wish at this point is to introduce you to our company and to inform you we are fully available to answer any questions you may have, or to provide any wire die services you might need.

With the addition of our wire EDM we have expanded into other areas which can service a multitude of other products. These will include but are not limited to round and shaped drawing dies but any item which conducts electricity and can fit into our machine.

Just contact us with your needs or questions.

Best regards,

Jim Hoffman and Ben Walley

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